“Silence is Sometimes the Best Answer”

"Silence is sometimes the best answer” ― Dalai Lama We entered the dimly lit 1860's Catholic Church turned cultural center to the serene vibrations of Tibetan Monks working on a Medicine Buddha sand mandala and the calming smell of sandalwood incense.   St. Joseph's Center, in Grass Valley, has been converted temporarily into a Buddhist Temple … Continue reading “Silence is Sometimes the Best Answer”

Outside vs. Inside the Box

The boys' creativity has exploded lately.  We experimented with centripetal force as we continue to discover space..  They took a fairly simple experiment with paper plates and a marble and built it up three stories!!  Then they spent their whole recess working on it together. Meanwhile, in Tim's inventing class, they practiced thinking outside the … Continue reading Outside vs. Inside the Box

Solar System in the Feeling Years

"The second stage of growth in Education for Life covers the ages from 6-12, the “Feeling” or elementary years. Here we find a very special window of opportunity when children are most able to learn about and through their feelings." We are nearing the end of about a month unit of making Solar System cards … Continue reading Solar System in the Feeling Years

Being Happy Brings Good Luck

Yesterday one of my students was having trouble getting out from a mood and to anything anyone said, he would complain with loud negations.  His mood had carried over from recess when no one wanted to play his game.  He had sulked around the play area and was not open to talking about it.  He … Continue reading Being Happy Brings Good Luck

Intuitive Teaching = “Are we learning or having fun?”

"Wait... we didn't DO school yesterday... or did we?"  That's what I heard two boys discussing today.  I realized that they were trying to determine if what we did was school work because it seemed like they were just having a fun day. We often "play" math.  Learning multiplication tables with our version of "Go … Continue reading Intuitive Teaching = “Are we learning or having fun?”