Outside vs. Inside the Box


The boys’ creativity has exploded lately.  We experimented with centripetal force as we continue to discover space..  They took a fairly simple experiment with paper plates and a marble and built it up three stories!!  Then they spent their whole recess working on it together.

ImageMeanwhile, in Tim’s inventing class, they practiced thinking outside the box, using paper and tape to create from their imaginations.  The freedom of inventing “anything” was juxtaposed with learning new skills in art class. (They were cutting and bending copper wire and wrapping it with tape to make human figures.) We compared the two experiences.

When did we experience frustration and limitation and when did we experience freedom and joy in creating?  In sharing we discovered that not everyone had the same experience.  We agreed that sometimes learning something new and following step-by-step directions can be difficult, however it is worth it because of the new skills and experience we gain from the struggle.  It can also be equally challenging to come up with an idea and figure out how to materialize it all on your own.Image

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