Hands on!

Gas Experiment
Gas Experiment

Here we are learning about states of matter: gases.  We were trapping ping pong balls in a glass and submerging the glass in water to show that the air is also trapped in the glass and keeps the water from entering the glass.  The ping pong ball is pushed down by the air in the glass.  We also tried to put dry pieces of paper in the glasses and submerge them without getting them wet.  We created diagrams and discussed our results.  We also came up with lots of “I wonder what would happen if…”  We’ll definitely try some of those…


Measuring Length
Measuring Length

Today we began a new unit in math on measurement.  We are playing a game called Land of the Coconut People/Land of the Yellow Fruit People.  Two groups of people live on two separate islands.  They develop their own measurement systems based on Coconuts/Yellow Fruit.  In this picture two coconut people are taking their height measurements using a coconut.  Tomorrow the two groups will build boats and cross the great ocean and begin trading their coconuts and yellow fruit.  However, they will have to find a new method of measurement that they can both agree on.  I wonder if they’ll reinvent the metric system?… 🙂

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