Happy Trails! A Kinder, Gentler Morning Routine

Recently, I was watching the movie “Single Moms’ Club.”   At the beginning of the movie, it shows each of the moms being so busy holding life together, that the only communication they have with their children is to bark out orders at them, interspersed with lines such as, “My day was so crazy, orI don’t have time for this!”Morniing RoutineI was immediately reminded of the moments when I have lost my cool as a parent… groan... When the littleness and anxiety of “Right Now!!!” forgets what’s really importantchoosing happiness right now and then sharing it.

Most of these moments happen during the morning rush to school and work that we all face each day.  Just think what patterns we are creating… there’s about 180 school days a year!

When I googled, “peaceful family morning routine”  it was so interesting to find that every single article I read, though useful, was limited to only tactical organizational tools and skills.  These tools are great, of course, but not on their own.  Not a single one discussed the joy level of the parent.  Because what happens if all your organizing, job charts, and getting things ready the night before just don’t work out?  Do you revert back to stress attack?

As a teacher, I have become sensitive to how a harmonious or rough start to the morning can not only make or break a student’s day, but also affect the energy of the whole class.  As a result, I have become much more aware of my energy in the mornings around my family.  These little moments create lifetime memories and habits for kids.  I also try to affirm verbally as much as possible statements like, “I love getting ready for the day with you!”

As I’m filling up my coffee cup for the day ahead,

so too can I fill up my child for the day ahead…

with the security of feeling loved.

Priority #1 for me each morning has become kindness in words and actions.  Am I always successful?  No.  But, meditation helps me get there.  For other people, it is exercise.  What helps you?  And on the days the alarm didn’t go off and the car keys or wallet are missing… it’s not just shear will power and remembering to not sweat the small stuff…  For, a habit of kindness has been forming… a habit of tuning in to the realities of those beautiful souls, in the small bodies, who live with us (and may have also forgotten their lunch boxes at school for the millionth time).

If I can at least set this tone to the morning, no matter how late we are running, or whatever “life event” may be hurtling through, we can all head off together on our separate happy trails.  ❤

One thought on “Happy Trails! A Kinder, Gentler Morning Routine

  1. Thank you for remindind me of this important part of our lives! It does matter and I enyojed mornings in your classroom ❤

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