1st Glimpse

Well... not quite a first week, but a first three days.  I managed to snap a couple of shots.  Some of our new classes this semester are: Peace for Warriors, taught by Gopal Sims.   Gopal is an Ananda Yoga teacher and the founder of the “Peace for Warriors” program. He holds a seventh degree black belt in … Continue reading 1st Glimpse

A Brand New Classroom!

Thank you, Brockschmidt Family!Big thank yous to Iswari and Satyaki Brockschmidt (Liam's mom and dad) for all the help getting the classroom ready.  It was a major overhaul!  They spent hours painting, sewing, drilling, and cleaning to get our classroom bright and cheerful and ready for school.Having their energy in the classroom really brought me … Continue reading A Brand New Classroom!