1st Glimpse

Well… not quite a first week, but a first three days.  I managed to snap a couple of shots.  Some of our new classes this semester are:

Peace for Warriors, taught by Gopal Sims.   Gopal is an Ananda Yoga teacher and the founder of the “Peace for Warriors” program. He holds a seventh degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and is an international karate champion, member of the martial arts hall of fame, former Capt. of the USA Karate Team and was elected as the Teacher of the Year at Sierra College in 2011.  You can spot him, if not in our classroom on Friday mornings,  at Master’s Market behind the cash register most days.

This semester we are also lucky to have Iswari Brocksmidt (Liam’s mom) in our classroom leading a science class and experiments once a week.  She is an engineer and her love of science is contagious.  Here she is with two new science enthusiasts:elephant toothpaster

Tim Tschantz, one of our staff teachers, and favorite among the kids, is co-leading a Naturalist class with  me on Mondays.  We will be experiencing the native and invasive plants of our areas and developing a deeper connection to the natural world.  Tim is also teaching local and California history which I will tie in with some of our Thursday outings.

Sue Stickney, retired teacher and Ananda villager, is helping us to expand our awareness and sensitivity to music.  We are learning diaphragmatic breathing techniques, posture, using our voices and mouths to convey loudness or softness and pitch.  Sue is also teaching us the basics of piano keyboarding.shaking hands

Tamara Wells (Jayden’s mom) and Living Wisdom School teacher is leading a personal development and understanding people class once a week.  We are currently playing games that help us to recognize and differentiate our own and others’ realities.

Aside from math, language arts, physical education, we are working on many other things too.  In all of these focusing on sharing our joy, enthusiasm, and friendship.  Feel free to stop by any time.


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