Little miracles from Santoshi – Living Wisdom School in Italy

I loved this post so much from one of our sister schools in Italy and identified with it completely.  Enjoy!…

Inspiration and Resources for Education

This year in my 2nd grade class came 3 new kids, that doubled the size of the class. Two of them came from two different international schools, one from Milan and another from Assisi. Both had many emotional troubles, partly in my opinion due to the intellectual approach they had. Feelings were ignored and out of the life of the kids.      L_____ is probably dyslexic and the parents said that last year he lost completely his self-esteem and the ability to connect with his strengths. In the previous school, he spent long days doing nothing, isolated, the teachers labeled him as autistic, with no connection with friends and teachers.      When our first week of school was over (5 days) I received a letter from the parents that produced in me tears of joy. They said: L_____ is completely changed, he is happy! He tells every detail of the…

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