“If you love it enough, anything will talk to you!”


“If you love it enough, anything will talk to you!”

This play is about a little girl who cannot hear or speak, but she is gifted with the love of dance. She becomes friends with some animals who help her understand her many innate qualities, such as creativity, strength, peace, devotion, and love.  They also help her learn to communicate these qualities to other people  through movement and dance.

Her parents initially fear for her future. They are confused when by her behavior, when trying to teach her practical ways of living.  She is just always dancing.  But they remain steadfast in their love and compassion towards her.

In the end, the queen takes in interest in her talent and takes her on as a student by the best dancers in the land.

It’s hard to hear the lines… but we had a lot of fun! This play was inspired by the line from George Washington Carver as quoted above. Interestingly, without my knowing it, the Living Wisdom School Palo Alto and Narani’s Class at Ananda Living Wisdom School also were inspired by George Washington Carver for their plays. Aum!

The play is also based loosely on the book “Silent Lotus” by Jeanne M. Lee and Singer and the Nightingale by Swami Kriyananda

On a deeper level, the characters represent Lotus’ own chakras and the kundalini (the snake) – which begins to flow when the chakras work harmoniously, flowing out into the expansion of divine friendship and expanded sense of love.

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