Seeing like Birds

energy-bodyOne day a bird crashed right into our big window.  I have several bird feeders and 12 binoculars right in front of the window so the kids can watch up close anytime. The kids ran outside to see the little bird lying, still alive, but out of its senses on the ground.  Everyone was talking loudly and shouting, they were squabbling over wanting to touch it, but several of the students objected to this. They were afraid the bird was scared and it might get hurt more.  I explained to the kids that sometimes, the birds just get knocked out and recover in a few minutes. Understanding that the kids wanted to help the bird, I asked what we could do that would help the bird.  So the kids wanted to send energy to the bird.  We did that.  Then the kids decided to draw pictures to put into the window so that other birds would not think it was they sky.    One of the children stayed outside and was touching the bird.  The other children ran to the window and shouted at him and were very upset when he came into the room.  So I had everyone sit down for a minute and we talked about the difference in energy when all the kids were yelling and gathered around the bird as opposed to one boy sitting quietly. I asked the kids why they were yelling.  Some said because I had said not to touch it. Some said because it wasn’t fair. I asked them if anyone had asked the boy why he did that before yelling at him. They said no, they hadn’t and then asked him. The boy said that he felt love for the little bird and felt quiet and still in himself and wanted to comfort it.  After talking this through and everyone feeling better about what had happened… that it was not a black and white issue, it was about the energy, they settled in to making their drawings.  I played a short video for them about how birds see and in the video we learned that birds can see things that humans cannot, like, for example the earth’s magnetic field and ultraviolet light.

The kids were really amazed that the birds were seeing things that we cannot.  One of the kids commented that the birds might be able to see our “energy bodies.”  We have been coloring in what I call “energy bodies” during school to build awareness around our emotions and energy.  This is what is pictured above – one of the kid’s drawings of his energy.  Some of the kids draw the colors inside the body and some draw it outside the body.

So a little later, we were doing some role playing around another subject that has been coming up. How we experience energy and emotion when someone asks us to do something when we are busy with something else – namely parents asking you to clean your room or something similar when you are playing or reading a book.  How do we respond in a way that lets our parents have trust in us, while at the same time respecting their request?  I was amazed when the “audience,” the rest of the class that was not in that particular skit, transformed into birds while watching.  They were tweeting and perching on chairs during the performance.  Then they commented in their bird voices on the color and type of energy displayed by the different characters.   Seeing like birds really helped them to have a deeper experience of awareness and sensitivity.


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