Caring: A Door to the Soul


Today I was out for a walk in the woods.  I walked down a winding path to the place people call the “Temple of Trees.”  There are many live oaks, a gentle leaf and needle covered hill, and a large pond called Lotus Lake.  The ground between the trees has been cleared of brambles and invasive plants.  The trail continues in a large circle around the other side of the hill.  As I followed it, I became aware of the care that has been taken there.  There was a large burn pile where all forest debris had been piled meticulously.  It was a beautiful sight and welling up inside and around me, I understood that what I felt was the caring of those who have worked here.  Instead of toiling, the quality of their work must surely have been of love and care.

This feeling of caring was so profound that it caused me to pause.   I suddenly recognized the quality there, hanging in the air, tangible,  was also within myself.  There are different levels of caring.  I don’t mean the kind of caring when you fret, fuss, and painfully strive over something.  I mean the kind that you just can’t help but follow through.   The flame that is struck inside you that is pure caring, comes to you without effort or thought.  You simply must care and therefore the action follows.   And in the action, the energy comes from a divine source.   Why do you care about this particular thing and not another?  It is because it is a fingerprint of your soul, a guide post to your joy, and it is unique for each of us.  In which area of your life does this happen to you?

I have made the discovery that, for me, the experience of caring comes deeply when I am  with children.  It is an inward form that shows itself in communication, acceptance, ideas, and understanding.  As I was walking, I realized that teachers who teach because they care will care in different ways. Some will take great care in their planning or organization.  Others will take care in their relationships with the students, others will care in creating appropriate energy, etc.  So, a teacher can never be compared to another teacher because when the Divine comes through us in the form of caring, there are infinite forms.

It is just as important to recognize in our students what they care about, allow them to roam about in this activity, share it with others, and to validate it.  Perhaps this is how the Divine sings through them and us.  Perhaps this is the key to opening the door to superconsciousness, to expansive learning, and feeding the stream of a lifelong joy.

2 thoughts on “Caring: A Door to the Soul

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!! Do you post here often? I’d really like to get on your postings if that is the case. I love your thoughts around the different ways we show caring and divine flow of energy in our teaching.

    Hope you are well. I miss you.



    1. Thanks, Tami 🙂 I see you’re already marked as “following” this blog. I think it will send you updates when I post. I do update semi-regularly – hee hee!

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