Deeper Discoveries in Energy

Last school year, I got sick in October.  I had to miss a lot of the school year, which grieved me, but more than that, was losing my enthusiasm and energy due to the illness.  So, I had to spend a lot of time alone and indoors, unable to do anything, until finally I could tolerate being alone outside in nature, and then (with lots of help from amazing friends, healers, and supportive school colleagues) finally return to school.  It turns out all my issues were caused by a systemic infection from a root canal.

cooperation ginny and luc
Helping to Clean UP

So, when I returned to school this September to greet my new 2nd and 3rd grade class, I had a real need to pay attention  and balance my energy so as to not over extend myself.  Every year, I notice a theme emerges for my growth that contains many lessons.  This year, everything points very strongly to learning how to utilize my energy body** more and my physical body less regarding classroom management.  Of course it’s possible.  Haven’t you ever been transfixed at a concert by a performer or speaker?  Some performers need a lot of fireworks and dancing, but have you heard someone who just gets you right at your heart by their simple, loving, powerful, or magnetic presence alone?

giant hug
Giant Hug in Math

What I have discovered in past years, is that I definitely have to be positively magnetic in order to get the class to take on its own healthy magnetism.  I need good rest, meditation, exercise, laughter in my life before I come to school.  So these things I must maintain outside of school.  And even during rough patches, when one or many of those were in a deficit, there was always prayer.   Prayer is real and it helps you connect into the infinite source of magnetism and energy.

But there’s a double benefit to making my energy a priority, since in Education for Life schools, teachers need to walk their talk.   I also have discovered how to follow the flow of energy in the classroom and attune myself to what is trying to happen for the highest good.  Sometimes it takes you far away from what you planned and that’s a-ok with me.

I have a lot left to learn and experience, but I am certain my students this year are going to give me lots of practice.  They are a wonderful group of exuberant 2nd graders and two returning 3rd graders.  All of the students in my classroom are oriented toward Ego-Active Light and Light, in Education for Life lingo that means their motivation, or Specific Gravity, is attuned to qualities such as kindness and joyful enthusiasm most of the time.

So I’ll be adding my discoveries here in posts called Discoveries in Energy.

A child’s view of her energy body.

** In my humble understanding, the Energy Body, also called astral body  is the subtle energy body made of prana, also called life force, or cosmic energy.


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