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The goal of education is the same as the goal of life: to help children become, on every level—heart, mind, body, and spirit, more balanced, mature, effective, harmonious, and happy.

Education for Life is a philosophy of holistic education that emphasizes experiential learning, spiritual development, and practical skills for living such as concentration, self-discipline, and compassion which will lead to achieving this goal. Underlying all of our academic efforts is the understanding that relaxed, joyful children make the best learners. The fundamentals of the philosophy are described in the book Education for Life, by J. Donald Walters. More information can be found at

One of the core principles of Education for Life is the understanding that there are four tools we have within us to explore, learn, grow, and experience the world. These are the physical body, the heart’s feelings, our dynamic will power, and the intellect. Each should be developed and used in a balanced, harmonious way. Each is drawn on more strongly during different periods of childhood development and within each individual child. More about tools of maturity:

Education for Life has been used as the model for Living Wisdom Schools for over 30 years. Every school uniquely expresses the same proven principles. Education for Life is also being used by individual teachers within private and public educational settings. More information about becoming an Education for Life school:

About Living Wisdom School Teachers
“Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying!”
This adage is especially true when it comes to selecting teachers. Living examples can inspire children much more effectively than rules. A teacher who deeply understands his or her subject is better able to awaken a similar love and commitment in the children. LWS is built around our teachers’ open-hearted sensitivity to the children in their charge. It is essential, therefore, that in his/her life, the teacher expresses the positive attitudes, spiritual and moral values, and maturity that we seek to impart to the children.

Our teachers participate in Education for Life as a lifelong process. Each teacher is deeply involved in personal development, and the teachers receive ongoing support and training to stay fresh, enthusiastic, and expansive.

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