Calmly Active, Actively Calm: Creating a Calm, Centered Classroom

Guiding children to a place of calm focus, we can dive deeply with them into joyful academic learning and experiences that develop maturity, build character, and prepare them for their own set of unique challenges which they will meet in the years to come. “Spiritual education is training people for life.  By teaching children kindness, … More Calmly Active, Actively Calm: Creating a Calm, Centered Classroom

1st Glimpse

Well… not quite a first week, but a first three days.  I managed to snap a couple of shots.  Some of our new classes this semester are: Peace for Warriors, taught by Gopal Sims.   Gopal is an Ananda Yoga teacher and the founder of the “Peace for Warriors” program. He holds a seventh degree black belt in … More 1st Glimpse

A Brand New Classroom!

Thank you, Brockschmidt Family! Big thank yous to Iswari and Satyaki Brockschmidt (Liam’s mom and dad) for all the help getting the classroom ready.  It was a major overhaul!  They spent hours painting, sewing, drilling, and cleaning to get our classroom bright and cheerful and ready for school. Having their energy in the classroom really … More A Brand New Classroom!